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Excellent game

Got thoroughly addicted, which is the whole point. The last level is very frustrating but all good.

Pretty good

Liked everything about it and I really wanted to do well, but after about 4 saved levels the first blue dots got really near the red throwing zone and i kept on throwing through the first dot and it not registering, REALLY annoying when the rest of the shot was good. All in all though very good.

Xeptic responds:

You have to hit all of the red circles before the hits from the blue circles are registered. Later on you have to make sure you collect all of the yellow circles before you can collect the red and blue ones. It adds a little bit of strategy. Thanks for the review :)

What a great little game

Lovely graphics, music was fine and the game itself challenging, difficult controls to get to grips with, but eventually fine. I think maybe the first level could be a bit easier, to draw you in.
I played a few times and did notice on level 9 that sometimes the bubbles didn't pop, but apart from that I can't fault it.

So disappointing

Not a good addition to the bloon series. With such good previous work this is lame to say the least. Its your own fault for setting high standards but this is not even worth playing for 1 minute before boredom sets in.

Very very funny

Enjoyed that a lot, said so much, kept me laughing, short enough not to get boring, little twists, and clever all the way.
Altogether excellent.
There's potential for a huge game there, but I actually liked the fact it was just a short satirical piece.
Well done.

pretty and good

Interesting all the way to level 18 which stumped me. Slightly annoying controls that in a split second can push the blocks all the way to a wall when you didn't mean it and the levels seemed to be not in a progressively difficult order. But held my attention and I enjoyed it.

pointless and annoying

Couldn't get the reason for any fun I could get out of it. Useless in every way and no skill involved in the creation.

chunkycheese12 responds:

There is skill. making a button across the screen :)


Just challenging enough for a bit of fun, lovely cute graphics and sound. For a 10 min waste of time it was ideal.

all looked great

but couldn't get to start, using a mac laptop and 'enter' had no effect, so couldn't get out of instructions screen

ProfessorFlash responds:

Hmm thats very weird. Although I don't really know what kind of differences mac has so I don't know why 'enter' refuses to work in it. But I'll keep that in mind and try to avoid using 'enter' in other flashes. Thanks for reporting that.


A perfect blend. with a great story.
Frustrating enough to make it a good challenge, and great satisfaction in killlng things
When its easy it is, and when difficult it is, dragging you in to try and get to the end. A lovely waste of my time. And I never made it to the end! SO close though.
Great twist with me not knowing if I had the right gun for the job.
My only gripe is that you have to start again from scratch to get all the money you need which made me leave the game.
Good job though.


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